Queille is one of the most ancient sites in Languedoc. The earliest written record of "Oc", the language which gives the region its name, is a parchment of the contract for sale of some land at Queille in 1002 (in the Archives nationales). The house has gone through many incarnations and played a key part in the 13th century Albigensian (or Cathar) Crusade and during the French religious wars. The supply chain which kept the beleaguered mountain refuge of Montségur alive during its infamous nine month siege in 1244 was orchestrated from Queille. It is one of many rumoured repositories of the Cathar Treasure.

Most recently, after a long period of neglect, Queille has been restored to some of its former glory and grandeur, especially the 11th century Chapel and the 11th-16th century house. For a more complete history of Queille, click the icon below. If you are interested in reading more about its historical and geographical setting or the turbulent and colourful history of the area, go to the library.

Queille is now home to a bi-annual festival of music and theatre held at the end of every odd-yeared May. Go to the Festival page to find programme and booking details for this festival, which is supported by the Queille Trust.

Queille, from 18th Century painted panels, Camon

11th century chapel, viewed from the east

Queille is available for short term rentals. If you would like more details or would like to book the château, please follow this link: Renting